Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thornton to Georgia

That's my take on it. It's a prediction, not a promise.

I've stayed away from writing in the Blog for a good bit. Main reason? Work schedule. But there was also the matter of recruiting. I wanted to post something more on recruiting, but I was so discouraged that I felt I might harm the process.

So now that Thornton has already made up his mind, I feel like I'm free to post whatever I want. But wonder of wonders, my opinion has changed. Where as I was pretty sure two weeks ago that we were going to miss out on Polee and Thornton, now my Spidey senses are telling me that Thornton will commit to UGA.

That means that I can keep my more critical post to myself.

If UGA can in fact suit up Leslie, Thompkins, Gerald Robinson, Thornton and Price, we will have a powerful enough line-up to compete head to head with the powers in the SEC East-- especially when the second unit can be selected from players like Dustin Ware, Chris Barnes, Donte Williams, and Ebuka Anyaorah. Fox will have a strong enough bench to be able to insert players into the line-up based on favorable match-ups.

I have made my prediction, and it is the only result that could possibly make sense. Recruits want to play now-- not maybe, possibly, dependent upon a successful appeal. Thornton won't commit to Georgia Tech or UNC. Alabama doesn't have any more tradition than UGA in basketball. They have a new coach, just like Georgia. No reason for Thornton to commit to an out-of-state school.

Texas has more recent success than Georgia, but they are farthest away. If the relatives want to be able to see young Marcus Thornton play, it looks like UGA is the only reasonable option.

I'm optimistic, and I'm calling Thornton to UGA.


Anonymous said...

I'll promise Thornton. From what I'm told, by those close to us, and our rivals, he's ours. Yipee!

And on Tech, that rule really is hurting them. Thornton would have been a huge addition for them as both a talented player on their own, and filling a huge need. They've got scraps inside, and not a lot of them either. They'll be in for a very long season unless Hewitt miraculously becomes Bobby Knight as a floor coach.

DaugMan said...

Woo-Hoo! Sounds good to me.

Thornton is the kind of player we need to get. Great kid. Great family. Great student. And a stud.

I mentioned on a post before that he reminded me of a cross between Al Horford and Josh Smith-- not as athletic as Josh, nor as tall as Horford, but he's got some serious springs like Smith and he is fundamentally sound (even better) than Horford.

Frequent reader, Mr. Sanchez, took me to task on that comparison. But I tell you, there's a lot to like about Thornton, and barring injury he could become one of the all-time greats at UGA.