Sunday, January 31, 2010

Key SEC Game, Wrong Decision

We had the ball. Chance to tie or even win the game. Just seconds left on the clock.

Seven games into the SEC calendar, needing a victory, and Coach makes a bone-headed decision.

We should have won.

We lost.

Let's face it-- maybe we all got a little ahead of ourselves after the exciting game against Kentucky and the win over top ten-ranked Tennessee.

Perhaps "not so fast, my friends" should be the motto for the fans who thought we knew what we had in our coach. Maybe as a first-year man at the helm, he showed that he really doesn't know what it's like to compete in the clutch. Could it be that our AD made the wrong hiring decision after all?

The good thing is that Coach admitted his mistake.

Even better, Mark Richt bounced back from the poor goal-line decision against Auburn and the very next year he led the Dawgs to the SEC Championship and the #3 final national ranking.

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