Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dawgs Down 3 at Halftime

Things could be worse. The Dawgs are lucky to still be in this one.

Vandy has missed a ton of shots that they normally make. Jenkins is 0 of 5. His release looks different for some reason. Ogilvy has been held in check.

Unfortunately, Beal has gotten hot from deep. He had 4 three-pointers in the first half? Not the fault of our defense, so much. If we stopped turning the ball over with careless passes, he wouldn't have found his touch.

Are we somewhere near 15 turnovers for the first half? Vanderbilt is defending well, forcing the first pass in the triangle offense way up away from the basket, and once our guy gets the ball on the wing, they are defending him tight to cut off the line of sight for the next pass.

Despite Vandy's defense, a bunch of our turnovers are unforced. And what was up with the missed dunk by Chris Barnes? I know he's embarassed by it, but if you don't have your legs underneath you yet when you get in the game, you have to put the ball in off the glass.

If we can get back to the efficient execution we had at the beginning of the game, we can pull this one out in the second half. If we keep turning the ball over, things might get ugly.

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