Friday, February 5, 2010

Levi Stukes to Argentina

Levi Stukes was recently signed to play in Argentina. He will be suiting up with the Quilmes Athletic Club.

Quilmes is a city of about 500,000, located 10 miles outside of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Stukes should not have a difficult adjustment to life in Quilmes, since he played previously in Montevideo, Uruguay. Montevideo and Buenos Aires are located on opposite sides of the inlet that separates Argentina from Uruguay, and the two cities are roughly about a half-hour flight from each other. Stukes has also played briefly in Venezuela.

Congrats, Levi!

Note: For more information on Stukes' basketball career, just click on his name, which is in hypertext just beneath this post.

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Anonymous said...

Hi...I'm james stukes of the united states navy and I want to send my support to my cousin levi stukes