Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arkansas vs. Georgia

Predicting a win by the Dawgs.

It won't be easy. Arkansas was playing terribly just a short while ago. They lost to Kentucky by about a million points. Somehow, Pelphrey has started to turn the season around. Arkansas beat both Mississippi and Mississippi State, and the team now stands at 3 and 3 on the year in the SEC.

Arkansas is a lot like South Carolina. No huge power players, but they will test the Dawgs.

Courtney Fortson is the Hogs' version of Devan Downey. Fortson is lightning fast. Scored 35 points to lead Arkansas to a recent victory. Rotnei Clarke is a bit like the Dawgs' Ricky McPhee. No range and no conscience. Clarke can shoot the three from way deep, and he has a quick release that is hard to defend. Occasionally Rotnei will drive into the lane for a runner.

Their big men are talented, too. Again, they're not very tall. Not heavy, but they're athletic enough to get rebounds, shoot turn-arounds and drive it to the cup.

Coaching I would have to call a toss-up. Fox is shaping UGA, but we don't have wins to show for it. Pelphrey has had a ton of turmoil on his roster, but he has a two-game SEC winning streak coming in.

They have the advantage in the backcourt. I think we have a slight edge in the post.

The key is finally getting home-court advantage. The fans will make the difference. Georgia wins by 12, 72 to 60.

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