Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nice Stat Line for Donte Williams

Seems to me we ought to take a second look at this guy.

In his latest game, Williams scored 24 points with 10 rebounds. He went 8 of 9 from the field, and an impressive 8 of 9 from the free throw line. He also added in 3 blocked shots and a steal.

I know we were evaluating him before we signed Lalanne. In my opinion, since we did not get Shawn Kemp, but would have taken him if he had committed, we ought to have enough room for another athletic big man-- Donte Williams.


Mr. Sanchez said...

Not convinced Josh Langford is the wing we need. We need a shooter big time. He might be a good combo F like Woodbury (who wasn't a true perimeter player until his JR/SR years), but we really need a shooter. I wonder if that means Langford and Williams are battling for the same spot in the front court with Lalanne. If we sign 4, then maybe we get both as well as a shooter. But if we're signing only 3 this class, I'd say it's either/or with Williams and Langford, with a shooter getting the 3rd slot.

DaugMan said...

Great analysis. And I share your concerns. It's not that I am convinced that Josh Langford is not the guy. It's that I'm not convinced that he is (if that makes any sense).

We have not signed anyone so far other than big man, Cady Lalanne-- despite the fact that everybody knows we need a shooter.

Do we save the 'ship, hoping to get a shooter in 2011? Or should we get the best player available now?

I would have liked to have seen Fox make a big splash with recruiting. Lalanne and Williams are nice starts, but if they are all we get for the first two years of recruiting, then we have to have a fantastic haul next year.

If we get the best player available at this late date, then the logical next signee might be Langford. The trouble is that Langford mentioned once that he considered himself definitely a power forward.

He needs to have the mindset that he is a wing. Can he develop the necessary skill?

If he signs, then I sure hope so.