Friday, January 1, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why UGA Beats Missouri

1. Hoops hath no fury like a Dawg scorned.

Georgia tried to hire Mike Anderson last year, and he rejected us and parlayed our interest into a nice long-term extension from Missouri with a fat pay increase.

Damon Evans has demanded that his honor be restored.

2. Vincent Williams and Trey Thompkins will help Dustin Ware advance the ball, turning Missouri's press into the "fastest 40 minutes" of alley-oops to Chris Barnes and Travis Leslie.

3. Both Georgia and Missouri have one signature win-- against the same Illinois squad, playing at a site in their home state (Atlanta and St. Louis, respectively). I figure that makes us even.

4. Missouri is overlooking us in preparation for the tough game to follow against Savannah State.

5. Missouri has beaten Tennessee-Martin, Texas-Pan American, Missouri-Kansas City, and Arkansas-Pine Bluff. What's up with that? That's four teams right there with hyphenated names. Gotta be some kind of record.

Missouri may have a pretty decent record and all, but anytime you're fattening up the schedule with Kangaroo and Pooh, that counts as a loss in my book. Who are they going to play next, Christopher Robin?

Well, Georgia is better than they believe, and stronger than we seem, and smarter than they think.

6. Missouri is still trying to figure out whether they should stay with the Big 12 conference, or jump over to the Big 10. I guess if they did, that would make both conferences the "Big 11".

Stuck in limbo, they will come out sluggish against the Dawgs.

7. Their football team lost a bowl game to Navy, 35 to 13.

Has nothing to do with basketball, but that is plum pitiful.

8. Missouri lost in basketball to ORU.

Like I said, pitiful.

Having flunked the Oral exam, they're not ready to be tested by the Dawgs.

9. The Dawgs have an advantage in the post. Once the press is broken, Mark Fox will pound the ball inside to Thompkins, Barnes, Price and Ajax.

10. Because a Gold-Out is gheigh.

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