Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recruiting the ATL

Good article from the AJC. Dominique and Jarvis Hayes are quoted, as are Jalen Kendrick and Coach Hugh Durham.

It will take Coach Fox a while. He got Vincent Williams on board for 2009, and Gerald Robinson and Cady Lalanne for 2010.

But will the best players in the Atlanta area come to Athens?

Fox will have to see just what it takes to handle the Atlanta AAU scene. Since the NCAA is working to get new rules enacted, the relationships with AAU coaches should be cleaner. There shouldn't be as many issues with the perception of improper dealing, and all this should benefit Coach Fox as he seeks to develop ties within the basketball community.

The biggest issue is the Win and Loss record for Fox in his first year. If Fox can field a competitive and even winning team this fall and winter, then prospects will start to want to come to UGA.

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Anonymous said...

At least Kendrick's comments were more positive than his previous quotes in the Red and Black article.

DaugMan said...


Fox has at least a decent shot at getting Kendrick. Would be a huge pick-up, of course.

Let's say a prayer, keep our fingers crossed, carry a rabbit's foot, all at once and see what happens.