Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kevin Ware to UT

Kevin Ware, a 5-star point guard from the Conyers area, has committed to Bruce Pearl.

According to the attached article, Ware was positively influenced to commit when the football team changed from their orange uniforms into black jerseys.

Sounds like Kiffin stole a Mark Richt strategy and Pearl ended up benefitting. Ironic, isn't it? Too bad Georgia's football team was not more successful this year with its recent uniform switch.

Ware is #21 in Rivals' top 150 players for the class of 2011.

Kevin Ware


Anonymous said...

Were we even on his radar? Or is PG pretty much too locked up for the next few years?

DaugMan said...

He had been a UT lean for a while, as I understand.

The issue is that we have a 5-star player, a point guard with size, big-time athleticism, good kid, and just 45 minutes away, and UGA is not a serious contender.

Anthony Grant will recruit Atlanta well, too, so Fox and staff will have to get out there and compete.

Ollllddude said...

I may be wrong, but if a guy is influenced by a changer to black jerseys, it suggests to me that he might not be that bright. Just saying.

DaugMan said...


Good point. Maybe Richt should give the uniform surprise switches a break after this season.