Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clemson is Stocked

Oliver Purnell is getting it done over at Clemson. He recruits at a high level. His team is starting to play pretty well in the ACC. And now, Purnell is adding a little bit of "show" to his pre-season by swooping down from the rafters during Clemson's midnight madness.

As the attached indicates, Clemson has not done well at the end of the season. But all that could change.

Just his front line will give the rest of the ACC fits. The Booker brothers (sounds like a jazz band), Milt Jennings, Noel Johnson... And from the link from, it looks like Tanner Smith and Andre Young will help out a lot on the perimeter.

I don't know how Georgia's scrimmage against Clemson went, but if UGA played well against that bunch, there's hope for our season.

Anybody ready for basketball?


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Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to watch and see if this year's CU team gets out to their traditional 12-0 start and then goes 6 - 10 in conference like they seem to do every year.

Just seems like we've heard this verse before.