Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tony Mitchell not at Alabama for Fall

As much as I hate to report bad news about athletes, when it relates to the eligibility of members of an SEC school's signing class, it's relevant.


I think that Mitchell will pull it all together and make it to Alabama in the not too distant future. Good for him and Bama. Not too good for UGA. Mitchell can really play.

Anyway, the Mitchell development shows that Dennis Felton and staff are doing a pretty good job with recruitment. We signed 5 recruits for 2008, and all of them qualified. I commend the staff and I commend the student athletes.

[Doesn't sound like so big a deal, this matter of qualifying to get into school, until you compare it to what Georgia faced just a few years ago, when none of our recruits made it to campus for fall quarter.]

Alright, let's keep everybody eligible to play, lace 'em up, and get ready to start practice.

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