Thursday, September 4, 2008

Poll Resuts Regarding Recruitment of Shannon and Favors

It was time to go with a new Poll, so I pulled down the old one on the recruiting visit of Terrance Shannon and Derrick Favors.

As readers of this Blog know, Derrick Favors and Terrance Shannon came to UGA on a recruiting visit on August 30, 2008. Shannon and Favors took in the UGA vs Georgia Southern football game. I understand that Demario Mayfield was also present for the visit.

In view of the biggest recruiting weekend of the new season, I polled readers of the Blog to get their opinion on whether UGA could pull in either or both of Shannon and Favors. The result?

In case you missed it, half (50%) of the participants indicated that UGA wouldn't successfully recruit either player. One quarter (25%) said that UGA would sign one but not both. The remaining 25% said that UGA would get both Shannon and Favors.

Shortly after putting up the poll, Daniel Miller committed. As a result, I started to change my vote, but opted against it. The purpose of the poll was to see how well each one of us could predict what would likely happen, or at least to have some fun making a prediction.

So, can we successfully recruit either or both of these guys? ESPN seems to believe that Miller's commitment should help UGA with recruiting. I'm not sure. I am still hopeful. Let's find a way to bring both of these guys to Athens and keep Georgia's best high school talent playing for the states flagship university.

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