Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is Georgia in the Box?

Wonder if Jordan Williams has caught our attention? Would be nice if one of the letters in his box is from UGA.

I know we're not targeting as many sleepers as in prior years. I would assume that this year we have appropriately expended most of our energy tring to haul in the highly ranked home-grown products, right here in the state.

However, notwithstanding our changed recruiting situation, the fact remains that we still occasionally offer a scholarship to a couple of out of state guys who at least for the moment have been overlooked by other programs (like Thomas Robinson). And I hope that Williams somehow was spotted by UGA staff.

Jordan Williams seems to have all the tools, and if he competed well against Favors, and anchored a team that has the record of the New England Playaz, that's enough for me. We need to check this guy out now and contact him. You never know. He might like to leave the cold climes of Connecticut and come down south for his college career.

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