Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Role for Thompkins?

I was trying to think of what the role for Thompkins would be for his freshman year...

As indicated in the link below, Thompkins can score the basketball.


I assume that at least for 2008/2009, the start will go to the more experienced players. That means that Thompkins will come off the bench early, playing big minutes, depending upon whether we place him at the three or four position, and whether Jeremy Price and Terrance Woodbury play defense and manage to stay out of foul trouble.

Another question: When was the last time that UGA had a scorer at power forward? I guess, Takais Brown, but that comparison really doesn't fit. Brown was a one-year wonder, a Juco, and more of a bruiser than a scorer.

Shon Coleman was a leaper, a guy who almost averaged a double-double during his two-year UGA career. Coleman notched 12 points and 8 boards a game back in 2000 and 2001. Chris Daniels was a do-everything type of guy. He got 11 or 12 points a game and 8 rebounds over three years (2002 to 2004). But as good as Coleman and Daniels were, they were more players than scorers.

So what will Thompkins' role be? Who is he like?

If Thompkins boosts his leaping ability, builds his body, and adjusts to the physical SEC play, he may become the anchor for a great run for UGA. He might end up as Georgia's most dominant power forward ever. It really could happen. And he would accordingly be in a class all by himself, perhaps even becoming the first-round pick that at least one opposing coach said he would be.

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