Thursday, August 14, 2008

Damon Evans wants to win

I was surprised by Evans and his focus on basketball. He really wants to win.

The support from the top is critical for Georgia to make the next move toward a successful basketball program. Now the coaching staff has to translate Evans' good will, commitment, and high expectations, into energy. Coaches Felton, Jones, and Herrmann must do the tough work during the off-season, molding a team that is still very young, having just one senior and one junior, and making them a cohesive playing unit.

The good news is that although the team is not long on experience, it is growing in ability. Just compare the squad that Felton had in his second year to the team that he has now. Felton has some good pieces to work with. We're getting better, and just in time, too, because everyone else in the SEC is upgrading their talent. There will be no easy learning curve for UGA's 5 freshmen and 4 sophomores.

Evans has shown that he is willing to commit the dollars to basketball. We have upgraded facilities, and there is more coming. Maybe not a new arena, but enough of an investment that Coach Felton, possible recruits and the fan base will see that our athletics director is very serious.

Florida has done it. UT has done it. Georgia has improved in talent and facilties. We won the SEC Tournament. But the question remains: Can UGA be very, very successful at both football and basketball?

Evans wants to win. I can't wait to see how the team responds.

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Bop said...

In your opinion, did the SEC Tourney save Felton's job?

I would have been upset had we removed him and started over like all the rumors were saying before the Tourney run. Just wondering what you were hearing...was Evans really going to pull that trigger?

IMO it would have been devastating to the program.