Saturday, August 16, 2008

Harrington on Favors

Harrington says that Derrick Favors is legitimately ranked as the top player in the country for 2009. I agree.

Not that my opinion counts, mind you, but I'll offer it anyway. Fundamentally strong big men only come around once so often. There may be guys at the 1 and 2 position who score a lot of points and have good handles. But if I'm building a team, I start with the big guys, the guys who will rebound, defend, block shots, and score in the paint.

Harrington compares Favors' athleticism to Dwight Howard, who played not that long ago for the same AAU squad as Favors. That comparison is somewhat unfair, because Howard is older and has worked very hard to get stronger.

However, I will say this. Favors will be right there with Howard in athleticism if he keeps progressing. And Favors might be the better pro prospect. He reminds me a lot of Tim Duncan. Very good fundamentals. But Favors is probably quicker and jumps higher than Duncan, so there's no telling how good he can be.

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