Monday, April 13, 2015

Mike Edwards Commits to the G!

Solid pick-up for the Dawgs.

Mike Edwards grew on me over the course of the last few weeks.  I wondered whether Edwards could end up as a Frank Kaminsky-type player.  Big, rangy kid who gets better and better every year.

It's happened at UGA before.  Alec Kessler came in lightly recruited, but gained some weight and was a beast for the Dawgs, averaging 21 points and 10 rebounds per game his senior year, and being named an All-American.  And sometimes, every now and then, our good players and role players can whup their 5-stars.

Not the best comparison, but Dave Bliss was a smart kid from a cold climate who during his collegiate career helped the Dawgs recover from NCAA penalties, leading us to the SEC Tournament championship his senior year.

Mike Edwards will hustle, he'll grow and he'll get better, working with Jonas Hayes.  Will most likely end up somewhere between Dave Bliss and Alec Kessler in terms of his production, but it will be fun to watch his progress.

Welcome, Big Mike!


Anonymous said...

John Glenn Super Scrimmage this kid is an athlete with a feel for basketball. great day for georgia basketball !

Anonymous said...

great day for georgia basketball ! remember watching alec kessler at the shoot around before game during his first year at georgia. believe he red-shirted. was not much of an athlete, but he was a maker. coach durham always said we have enough shooters we need more makers. alec grew taller and stronger each year. he matured as a player. michael coming into uga is a far superior athlete. with that being said, believe alec was the 12th pick in the draft. got some high hopes for michael !!!