Monday, April 20, 2015


I watched an interview this week of an author who writes from a small shed in the middle of a hog farm.  Fascinating.  So many good nuggets from that writer's comments.

The author and I share a few things in common.  One of which is sloppy writing.  Get it?  Sloppy writing!  Snort!  Get it?  Snort!

I digress.

My real point, before I got sidetracked, was that in addition to the books written, the author also has a blog.

Having a blog is a different writing experience.  By and large, there is no editor.  There is no cost of entry for the most part.  No publishing company demands.  No royalties.  No chapters.  No development of characters.  Just an author's desire to share with readers, most of whom are and will remain unknown.

I'm good with that.

Readers put up with my musings, my thoughts, my awful attempts at humor.  You read the posts, mostly about Georgia basketball, occasionally touching on football and other sports, and all with a healthy dose, I hope, of Life (Mark 8:36-38) included.

Sometimes you post comments.  I am glad to offer a free resource for feedback on the past, present and future of Georgia basketball.

Some of you have followed the Blog for a good while.  Others may have recently discovered it.  Glad you're with me on the journey.

The Chronicles is seven years old this month, and I wanted to reach out and say thank you, the reader.


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