Friday, November 22, 2013

No more Kool-Aid, please

I know when I'm at my limit.

Approaching the UGA hoops season I saw Wofford at Stegeman, Georgia Tech at Stegeman, and a mid-major on a neutral court.  That early schedule said to me a UGA record of 3 and 0.  Maybe 2 and 1 if we started the season slow.

Mark Fox pronounced to the world that Georgia was a Top 25 team.  I attributed Fox's comments to salesmanship, a coach trying to buoy his players.  Although I couldn't see Top 25, I willingly went along with the implied notion that we would be pretty good this year.  Solid in the fundamentals.  Competitive, beating the teams we should.    

Last night a winless Davidson squad took it to us.  Beat us by double digits.  Now in the cold light of reality, we are 1 and 2.

In that same light, I scan our roster.  We don't have pure shooters, elite defenders or dominant post players. No Jeremy Price, Ajax, Chris Barnes, Ricky McPhee, Travis Leslie or Trey Thompkins.  We got a fat zero on the fall recruiting trail.  No obvious help on the horizon.

My hope is that UGA will get better.  That Brandon Morris is the missing link.  That we will beat Temple tonight.

I'm a homer, but even the most ardent hoops supporters have to face facts.  We're not a top 25 team.  We're not a pretty good team.  We're in last place in the SEC, on the brink of yet another losing season.

We need to turn things around tonight.  I have hope, but that's about all.  I want Fox to show us he can coach, that he can win on the court and on the recruiting trail.  I'm done with Kool-Aid.

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