Friday, November 22, 2013

Dawgs lose to Temple

Why did we inbound the ball to Donte?  I don't think the three-point cast by Donte is what Fox had in mind, but darned if I could see what play Fox wanted to run.  Why not throw it in to Morris, Mann or Gaines?  All those guys can catch it and drive the ball.

Anyway, we lost 83 to 81.  We're 1 and 3 on the season.  The good news is that for the first time this year, we looked like we can play.

Brandon Morris is the key to this team.  He can handle, drive the ball and defend.  He missed crucial free throws late, but that's to be expected for a guy who hasn't played all year.

Kudos to Kenny Gaines and Charles Mann.  They both played well and scored 21 and 19 points, respectively.  We'll pick up a few victories this year.  All is not lost.  Even Marcus Thornton looked good.

Fox finally let his starters stay on the court during the second half.  You test your deep bench in practice or during exhibition games.  If Fox will stick with a limited rotation, the Dawgs can get in games and stay there.

Please, Fox.  Play Mann, Gaines, Morris, Williams, Thornton, Djurisic and Forte.  Sub in Parker and Frazier when necessary.  Stop pulling guys when they hit a basket.

Thank you.

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