Saturday, October 12, 2013

Valiant Effort

Missing players.  Poor defense.  We can't come back from 15 points down with 2 minutes left.

The interception by Murray was the clincher.  But it shouldn't have come down to him doing another long drive.  Why can't we come up with a big stop?  Their replacement qb and we let him throw a 20-yard play?

By the way, what was Herrera thinking?  But for that late hit on their qb, we probably would have gotten the ball with decent field position and time left on the clock.

Well, we can still win the East if we get some help.  We'll have to take care of business, but you have to figure that without Franklin, a couple of Mizzou's opponents can find a way to stop them.  We need Florida to lose, too.  That always helps.

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