Saturday, October 12, 2013

Questions, Questions

Ten troubling questions:

1.  What's up with Swann?

Anybody know?

I rarely criticize a player on this Blog, but expectations were so high for him that it's obvious to me that something is wrong.

2.  What happened to the other players in the defensive backfield?

I know we had Sheldon Dawson and the bigger corner who played some last year (Evans?).  Wiggins looks competitive.  Lakatos and Grantham have to do something.

3.  Why keep the shirt on Turman?

We need him now, not next year.  He looked strong on his YouTube videos.  Besides, next year all indications are that we'll have Chubb and Michel in addition to Turman, Todd Gurley, Brendan Douglas, J.J. Green and Keith Marshall.

My guess is that Turman must not know the plays.  Otherwise, let's not make a Knoshon Moreno mistake.

4.  When will we stop somebody on third down?

5.  Will Jordan Jenkins ever channel his Jarvis Jones?

6.  Who will be our play-maker on defense?

Ray Drew looks good, but we need a Thomas Davis-type safety, Ogletree-type linebacker, or a Champ Bailey on the corner.

7.  Why is their offensive line playing better than ours?

8.  Should we go to the spread offense next year?

The pro offense is a beautiful thing when you have the players to implement it, but the spread seems to keep defenses guessing where the ball is going.  The ability to stretch the field laterally as well as vertically is what we're missing.

9.  How good is Missouri?  Are they going to win the SEC East?

10.  It's the third quarter now.  Can we still win it?  And if so, will my ticker make it to the end of the season?

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