Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dawgs vs. Missouri

All of our weaknesses are being exposed.  Special teams has a low snap followed by a poor punt.  They get the ball at the 50, drive down and score.

Young secondary keeps giving up long plays.  Can't get off the field on third down.  They score.

We have players out, so we're hurting on offense.  Aaron Murray can't do it all.  Giving up the inside to their defensive end results in a sack.  Lack of ball security leads to two fumbles.  One giving them a score and the second keeping us from scoring.  We should be looking at 21 to 17, but instead it's 28 to 10.

Don't think we can win this one, guys.

If we somehow pull even and win in overtime, it will be a certifiable miracle, Coach Richt should get Coach of the Year (beatification, too) and Murray should take home the Heisman.

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