Friday, November 30, 2012

USF Beats Dawgs

Final score: 64 to 53.

We're 2 and 5 on the season. I said in my earlier post today that I refused to believe that we are as bad as we have played. Well, I guess I believe now. Hopefully there are no more directional schools on our schedule. They're killing us.

No offense to USF, but if we can't stay within 10 points of them, what's going to happen when we play Billy Donovan's Florida squad?

They shot 23 free throws. We shot just 9. I'll say it again: We're not going to win launching shots from 3-point range, folks.

Fox gave Brandon Morris 1 minute. Nemi got 32 minutes and shot 3 for 13. Our starters are 2 guards and 3 power forwards. That's a recipe for disaster on the offensive end.

It's not just shot selection and use of his roster, although I strongly disagree with what Fox is doing in those two areas. His game planning seems to be lacking. Point: You don't press a team with good three-point shooters and a short point guard. You're playing right into their hands if you do. I could go on, but I'll stop here.


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