Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sunny D > T-Mac

Yada recently played in his first game in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), and wouldn't you know it? Dude hits a game-winning three!

Must have brought back memories for Sundiata, since he did the same thing in one of his first NBA games. Blog readers probably recall that Sundiata beat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2010 (Gaines was then playing with the Utah Jazz after being called up from the D-League). As a matter of fact, Gaines' shot was predicted by a Utah Jazz sports announcer. Perhaps we should have been expecting more late-game heroics from Gaines.

Sundiata's last-second shot this time around was set up when he tied the score on a strong drive to the basket. After hitting that acrobatic two-pointer, the Fujian Sturgeons had to keep Tracy McGrady from dribbling the ball until there was just time for T-Mac to try a last-second shot.

McGrady was too casual with his dribbling, however, and one of the guards for the Sturgeons stole the ball, then called a quick time-out. They in-bounded the ball to Yada and he rose up from well beyond the three point line and drilled a jumper.

Gaines Does It Again!

Yada's teammates were so excited, it looked like they were trying to put him in one of those MMA submission holds.

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