Friday, October 1, 2010

Very Optimistic on Dai-Jon Parker

I could see him coming in and getting minutes at the point guard position with Kentavious Caldwell playing the 2. That would give Georgia a big line-up at guard, something we haven't had in a long, long time.

It would be great to see a fast break with Parker and Marcus Thornton as options.

As readers of the Blog know, I love guys who have played both football and basketball. They bring to the hardwood a sense of toughness that the hoops-only players sometimes lack.

This AJC article recounts how Parker starred at wide receiver and at cornerback and received 11 scholarship offers for football, including Georgia, Oklahoma State and Mississippi State.

I love the quote from Milton High's coach that says that Parker is a "great shooter, great athlete and great defender." He gladly takes on the other team's best player. Add to the above superlatives the fact that he carries a 3.2 gpa and you've got a rare student athlete indeed. Parker would be perfect for the kind of team that UGA is building in Athens.

I'm optimistic that at the end of the day Dai-Jon Parker will choose the Dawgs.

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