Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Give Up. You Do, Too

And this time, I guess we'll stay that way.

Resigned to embarassing displays on the football field. Dreading ESPN replays. Wondering what happened to the once-proud Dawgs team.

There will be no Belue to Scott, "Lindsay Scott, Lindsay Scott" miracle. No Greene to Hayes hobnail pass over the middle. We're losing the games that we used to somehow find a way to win.

We are so bad that I actually laughed. When Caleb King fumbled the ball, I got up, turned the t.v. off and just kind of chuckled.

We are finding creative ways to lose. Roughing the kicker penalties. Late-game fumbles, a missed field goal.

Gaffes on defense. Receivers for opposing teams, once again running wide open.

When we just have to have a stop, we couldn't do it. Colorado played smash-smouth football with us. We knew the run was coming, but the Dawgs couldn't hunker down. We got a sack to finally keep them off the board, but they controlled the ball for over eight minutes.

We look boring and totally predictable on offense. In the meantime, Colorado was unveiling options, misdirections, surprise two-point conversions. All manner of cool offensive plays to keep our defense off-balance.

If there's any consolation, it's that Larry Munson doesn't have to call these pitiful outings.

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