Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Article Makes Me Sad

Not really, but sure wish we could have closed the deal on Dwayne Polee. St. Johns came in at the last seeming minute and snatched him away.

I still think that if we could only have one, it was better for us that we get Marcus Thornton.

Not saying that Thornton is better than Polee, even though he might be. Polee has incredible hops but Thornton has the bigger frame that might suit him more to SEC play.

The point is that Thornton is a Georgia kid, and for the sake of short and long-term recruiting, it's more important to get a Mr. Basketball than someone from clear across the country who may end up as a one and done.

But boy, if we could have gotten both...


Anonymous said...

your links on your blog just redirect to your site and not the actual article.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen Thornton jump? Poolee doesn't have that much on Thornton when it comes to hops!

DaugMan said...

Anon #1:

Did you click on the blue hypertext with Dwayne Polee's name?

Try it again and it should work.


DaugMan said...

Anon #2:

Yes. I am aware of Thornton's hops. He is very impressive. One of the regular readers of the Blog took issue with me because I described Thornton as being a little of a cross between Josh Smith and Al Horford of the Hawks.

I am aware that Thornton is still maturing, but he has great hands and fantastic ups. Feel free to do a search on "Marcus Thornton" in the Blog and you'll see links to his videos and more.

Thanks for checking in.