Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who gets UGA's Next 'Ship?

What say you?

Polee? Thornton? Langford? Steele?

Tell us who you think gets it and why you think so.


Anonymous said...

I think it will be Thornton because Fox knows that his success will be predicated on recruiting the best players in Georgia.

Thornton is one of the top 5 players in the state this year, and while going out to Cali to pull a kid looks impressive, it would be much bigger for Fox's future success to land Thornton.

It does not seem like we have been recruiting Langford in a while, and the fact that Polee would even consider following Tim Floyd concerns me quite a bit.

Thornton is way ahead of Polee in what he can provide next year and he will be an ideal replacement for Trey after he leaves.

I am very excited that we may get any of these guys. The SEC East is going to be loaded next year, but with Trey, Travis and the improvement that Fox has provided to the rest of our roster, I am very excited.

Anonymous said...

If UK really goes after Thornton hard like it looks like they will(Calipari will be making an in-home visit in a couple of weeks according to the AJC), they'll have a great shot at turning him. They're going to have 5 guys picked in the first round this year and 4 are Frosh. That's going to get any big-time recruits attention in terms of their potential of getting to the league and the opportunity for meaningful immediate playing time due to all of those early departures. Those things on top of the fact that UK is the winningest program in college hoops history with arguably the most passionate fan base.

I will be jumping for joy if we get Polee or Thornton. Don't see the GA player of the year being "way ahead" of the LA player of the year who played on one of the top 5 teams in the country, but do agree that the long-term significance of bringing in the top in-state guy would be bigger than bringing in a guy from California. We are a long way from being the type of program that can recruit consistently on a national scale, but locking up 2 or 3 top players each year from our own state will ensure that we will be a nationally competitive program on a pretty consistent basis.

mr. sanchez said...

Cal saving that visit screams to me "back up plan". I'm assuming he visits only if a) Thornton hasn't decided by then, AND b) CJ Leslie, Terrance Jones, and others go elsewhere.

I'd guess Polee to UNLV or UTEP, Thornton to GT, Langford to Auburn or Ole Miss, and we reward Nolte for a year before using it on the 2011 class.

DaugMan said...

Hate to think this way, but Mr. Sanchez may prove to be right. We might not get any of the guys we're targeting.

Maybe Coach Fox will surprise us all and get Polee first and Thornton second.