Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fox signs Donte Williams and Sherrard Brantley

The way I see this is that Donte Williams gives us a quality back-up, and Sherrard Brantley will be able to shoot from deep. This means that we have at least in theory replaced the contributions of the guys who are graduating, Albert Jackson and Ricky McPhee, and the two signees may ultimately give us much more.

Anything we get from Cady Lalanne would have to be seen as gravy, since Drazen Zlovaric didn't contribute much this year. Demario Mayfield looked good in spots, but he didn't play enough for us to get a true read on what he might have been able to do. Gerald Robinson, the transfer who is newly eligible for this fall, will likely start and play a lot of minutes.

Any way you look at it, if we get either Polee or Thornton, we will have made a huge step forward. The SEC East won't get any easier, so we have to recruit pretty darn well just to avoid the lower half of the division. Lalanne with the two recent signees represent a good start.


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