Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meyer on Thornton

Jerry Meyer believes that although Florida would like to get Marcus Thornton, the former Clemson signee will end up at Georgia, Tech, or Kentucky.

If Meyer is right, once again, we're in the top three for a big recruit. Can we close the deal? Let's hope that Thornton and Coach Fox were able to connect and bond yesterday.

Other interesting news in the article on Florida. Not sure what happened to Billy Donovan's recruiting mojo, but a couple of high-level guys have gotten away, and they need help at the guard position. Of course, Patric Young will be a force on the block, so maybe they'll be in okay shape after all.

Mike Rosario could help some team. Wonder if Georgia has taken a look at him.

Article on the Gators

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Ball-U-Dawg Triangle said...

I wonder what our status is with Langford. Things seem to have cooled a bit with him.

Hopefully we can close the deal with Thornton if its down to us, GT and UK. GT has a coach the fans don't want and Calapari seems to emphasize "one and done" guys at the expense of developing players. As good as Thornton is, he's not a "one and done" type.

Imagine if we got Thornton and Polee! I can easily see Polee and Thornton being the new Leslie and Thompkins!