Saturday, December 12, 2009

Looks Like Billy, Plays Like Terrance?

I recently saw a picture of Josh Langford, UGA's basketball recruit, and it occurred to me that he looked a bit like Billy Humphrey. I guess it was the tatoos that made me think that way.

Josh Langford has reportedly moved Georgia to the top of his list, and if we can get him for 2010, it sounds like a good move to me. That means that next year we would lose Albert Jackson and Ricky McPhee, and add Gerald Robinson (the transfer who will be newly eligible in 2010/11), Cady Lalanne, and Langford.

If Langford signs, I'd still be somewhat concerned with the make-up of the 2010 class, because we really need a shooter, and Langford has been described as more of a combo forward than a sweet-shooting small forward. Then I remembered Terrance Woodbury. When Felton brought Woodbury in from Coastal Christian Academy, Terrance had mostly played center or power forward. It wasn't until the last part of his high school career that Woodbury began to develop the skill-set to play on the wing.

I remembered, too, that Woodbury had transferred from Granby High School to Coastal Christian. Although I wonder about players that jump from school to school (Langford transferred as a senior to Lee High School, where he plays now, and de-committed from Louisville), Woodbury worked out great for Georgia.

Maybe the same will be true for Langford. He has good hops, and is a slasher. He likes to get to the rim. At 6' 6", he has played mostly in the post. Can he work on his handles and find his niche at the 3-spot?

I sure hope so. If Langford keeps developing his jump-shot, Georgia might be okay offensively with Travis Leslie, Trey Thompkins, Cady Lalanne, Josh Langford, and Gerald Robinson providing the team with scoring punch.

At any rate, I think Langford will end up at Georgia. He is said to have Auburn and Alabama as the other major schools he is considering, and Auburn already has a jam-packed class for 2010 (something like 6 signees already). If I'm Langford, I see the lack of a scoring wing on UGA's squad, and I sign up at the next opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Langford would be a great get. We do need some jump shooters, maybe Robinson can feel that void and Leslie develops a jump shot over the summer.

So many top players in the 2011 class on rivals from the state of GA. Just hope we are able to get the a couple of the more talented players in state.

DaugMan said...

Agree on hopes for Langford and Robinson. We need some scorers.

I think Fox will be able to bring in at least one good recruit for 2011, provided that this season doesn't go too poorly.

Mr. Sanchez said...

Wood was a fine player for us, but he didn't really become a consistent perimeter threat until his senior year if then. I can take Langford as a possible Wood, perhaps just a hustle F as so many successful former SEC/UGA players, IF we can sign a JUCO shooter. I think that may be the biggest need here aside from strong 2011 and 2012 classes, a JUCO shooter for the wing this spring.

DaugMan said...

Mr. Sanchez, remember that Woodbury started off his career pretty well, then he became part of that bad run of injuries we had.

He and Dave Bliss had serious back problems, which seemed to start about the same time. Just as soon as Wood was ready to come back from that injury, I think he had some other knee issue, or something like that. If memory serves me, Woodbury was limited off and on for good parts of his freshman and sophomore years.

I was proud to see Woodbury and Dave Bliss develop in their senior years, but I wondered what could have been.

Have you heard anything about any Juco shooters available?