Friday, September 18, 2009

Justin Time

Justin Houston is returning from a two-game suspension. He'll be ready to go against Arkansas tomorrow night.

Talk about Justin time. Since Roderick Battle went down this past Saturday with a season-ending knee injury, Georgia is shorter than ever on players.

Kiante Tripp, who played offensive tackle and tight end last year, was moved in the off-season back to his original position, defensive end. He's out with an injury, and won't play tomorrow night.

Marcus Washington had practiced some at the defensive end spot, but has been moved back to linebacker, since Nick Williams and Darius Dewberry suffered injuries.

Georgia compensated last week by putting a defensive tackle at defensive end. Jeff Owens logged 33 snaps at defensive end against South Carolina.

With no speed off the edge and guys not accustomed to playing end, Georgia never was able to maintain the Gamecock's qb Garcia in the pocket. He consistently broke contain and made plays throwing the ball off the run.

Cornelius Washington and Demarcus Dobbs are good players, but they need some help--a fast guy who tackles well. A powerful lineman that can go up against defensive tackles and stop the run. A guy good enough that Jeff Owens can go back to tackle, Marcus Washington can stay put at linebacker, and Georgia can match up well with 6' 7" Arkansas quarterback, Ryan Mallett, who will throw the ball a bunch this Saturday night.

Justin Houston is that guy. He's back, and not a minute too soon.

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