Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ESPN ShootAround

ESPN predicts that Georgia will come in last in the SEC East.

No surprise there. Yet, Felton did leave Fox with some talent. Thompkins and Ware have skill, Jackson and Price have enough size to contribute, and Leslie and Barnes have real athleticism.

Anxious to see how the players improve as their bodies mature. Here's hoping Fox and his recruiting prowess and offensive schemes move Georgia up toward the top of the SEC East over the next year or two.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I am just a sucker, but I will be astonished if this team finishes last. Fox is not a last place guy, at least not historically. We may be his Waterloo, but I wouldn't bet against him.

DaugMan said...

We'll have to do some work to avoid finishing in the bottom half of the SEC. The problem is that everyone finished ahead of us last year, and most of them got a lot better in the off-season.

UK has the monster recruiting class. Vandy added Jenkins. Florida lost Calathes, but kept Tyus, which was more important. And they added a legit scorer at the guard position.

Not to take anything away from Demario Mayfield and Vincent Williams, but we don't know what we've got in those two guys. Ebuka Anyaorah might be okay, but he is coming off of injury. So by losing Terrance Woodbury (and at some level, Zac Swansey), you'd have to view Georgia as having taken a step back.

If Leslie, Thompkins, Ware and Zlovaric hit the weights over the summer, and Fox can light a fire under Jeremy Price and Chris Barnes, we have a shot at surprising some people. Is Fox a great x and o's guy? We'll see.

I'm keeping my money in my pocket, not because I'm not optimistic, but because everyone else was dealt a pair of aces.