Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flex Offense

New UGA coach, Mark Fox, used the "flex offense" at Nevada. I thought it would be helpful to show how the offense works, and the video below gives some of the basics.

The good part about the flex is that it uses a lot of screens for getting cutters open. The system is designed to create layups and shots from the "elbow," or the area just to either side of the free throw line. I like the fact that it works against man-to-man defenses or a zone, and the offense gets more effective deeper into the shot clock.

The biggest issue that I had with former coach, Dennis Felton, was his offensive scheme. Coach Felton used certain plays, but they weren't conducive to getting guys open going to the basket, or putting the post men in the best possible position to finish.

The flex offense will be a definite improvement. Our guys should be able to pick it up quickly, and hopefully use it to increase UGA's scoring output. We'll need it. The SEC East will be back in a big way next year.


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