Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sean Miller's New Hire

Not sure this could have happened at UGA.

After the experience under the Harricks, I'm pretty sure that Georgia would not accept any nepotism in the men's basketball program. However one feels about Jim Harrick's tenure as the head coach at Georgia, most would probably agree that a large share of the issues that led to Coach Harrick's resignation had to do with Coach Harrick's son.

So maybe things worked out for the best with the hiring of Coach Mark Fox. Although many UGA fans wanted us to take a hard look at Sean Miller, who was the coach at Xavier, I doubt we could have out-recruited Arizona for his services. And as good an assistant coach as Archie Miller probably is, now that UGA has hired Fox, we don't need to worry about waiving our nepotism policy in order for our head man to fill out his staff.

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