Friday, September 12, 2008

Can Brewer Step up in 2008/2009?

Troy Brewer came to Georgia after signing relatively late in the process. He was the only signee of the Dawg's 2007 freshman class to commit during the spring signing period.

Brewer averaged 15 points and 5 rebounds per game for the nationally known basketball program of Montrose High in Maryland. Montrose coach, Stu Vetter, was very high on him.

Vetter on Brewer

Brewer did about as well as could be expected for his first year at Georgia. He averaged 8 minutes per game and shot just 30% from the floor. Part of that low shooting percentage was due to the fact that he was often inserted into the game late, when Georgia needed a three-pointer to try to catch up to an opposing team that was pulling away.

But another factor in Brewer's lower shooting average was the fact that he relied too much on the three-point shot. Over 82% of his shooting attempts were three-pointers. When he did shoot from inside the arc, he did not do well, going only 5 for 16.

Brewer has ability. He has height. He has good shooting form, and shot 8 of 9 from the free throw line. But he needs to expand his game. He will need to drive the ball to the hoop and keep defenders honest.

The new three-point line should not be that big of an adjustment for him, I anticipate, because he was already shooting from well behind the three-point line in some of his shots. The real key for Brewer this year is working out. If he can get stronger, it will increase his confidence, toughness and ability to score when defensive players are crowding him.

Can Brewer step up? There are minutes available at shooting guard. Dawg fans are pulling for him. If he can commit himself to being a complete player, work hard in the off-season, he might earn more playing time and be a bigger contributor this year.

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