Monday, September 8, 2008

Jon Kreft to UAB

Not really big news here, although Jon Kreft is a big player.

Kreft made the news way back when, when he was a 5-star recruit, if memory serves me. Anyway, I think he had an issue with drugs, which I won't repeat here.

The purpose for commenting on his commitment to UAB is to forecast what the future looks like for Jeremy Jacob, who was formerly with the University of Georgia. I'll keep this post somewhat short.

Jon Kreft committing to UAB makes it more likely that Jeremy Jacob will do the same. Jacob envisions playing one year at his new school, Chipola Junior College.

Jacob, then, will be coming out of Chipola at the same time as Casey Mitchell, a guard who is a UAB commit, and Jon Kreft. Jacob is being recruited by UAB. It would make it easy, or so it seems to me, for Jacob to continue playing with the guys he knows, those being his teammates from Chipola.

Jon Kreft's commitment gives UAB some real potential. Kreft is not a huge scorer or rebounder, but he does have some talent. Good shooting range for a big guy. Put Demarcus Cousins, Jeremy Jacob, Casey Mitchell and Kreft together, and you have a really good signing class. Tamir Jackson is still out there, I believe. If he re-commits to UAB, then they will have enough young talent to start making a move in their conference.

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