Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stopped Watching

Hate to say it, but that's the truth. We looked terrible. Struggled just to get Florida's lead down to 13, and I guess that was a moral victory. From there it looked like they might win by 25. Hopefully, Donovan will put in the bench-riders and we can make the final score look respectable.

I didn't post after the Alabama game because I was frustrated. I don't like losing to Anthony Grant because Georgia's continued losses only strengthens Grant's ability to recruit our state as well as his. I think this year's loss to Alabama makes it three straight over UGA in just a short period of time (end of last year and this year). As I have posted before, Grant doesn't need any help. He is an elite recruiter, getting all or most of the talent from Alabama, plus picking up the best big man from Georgia in Nick Jacobs.

A blow-out loss to Alabama, and now the same to Florida. Vanderbilt might be worse. They are more talented than Florida, in my opinion. Don't know when it ends. Discouraged.

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