Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's not basketball against football

in some kind of ugly race to the bottom, but a little fairness is in order.


Many people call for Felton's head if one of his guys has a problem. A recent example was Billy Humphrey's DUI arrest. I wonder if people will do the same for Richt now that multiple players have been arrested, such as Lemon in the attached article, and Sturdivant and Anderson in an unrelated incident during the same week.

I love Coach Richt, and am a devoted fan of UGA football. I just want the guys on some of the message boards to realize that coaches can't be with players all the time. If a player gets in trouble, you deal with it. Both Richt and Felton run as tight a ship as you will find in big-time college athletics, and am proud of both coaches and both programs.

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