Monday, June 30, 2008

Kudos to Felton

Lost in the mix of the news about Billy Humphrey is the fact that Felton has, by and large, rebuilt the program.

He won the SEC Tournament last year. Some may say it's luck, but no one would have attributed it to bad luck if the team had lost. Besides that, it takes real effort to play college basketball. Guys train all season to win tournaments. Lifting weights. Running 220's and suicide drills. Going over plays. Working on foul shots and outlet passes and post moves. Taking charges.

Luck? I doubt it. Hard work, dedication? You bet.

And Felton went to the NCAA Tournament. That's the goal that so many wanted. I watched the game against Xavier. I'm biased, but the officiating left a lot to be desired.

The last bit of bad news about Humphrey is unwelcome. But looking at the situation in a positive way, we are now at the point in bench strength and in recruiting, in which we can weather the storm. We have 12 scholarship players and Corey Butler, who has shown he can play important minutes.

Felton deserves real credit for winning the SEC Tournament, making the NCAA Tournament, and building depth.

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