Thursday, July 3, 2008

Terrance Woodbury out of the Pro Am

Sorry. Not Sorry.

I always wonder about these Pro Am events during the summer. It seems to me that there have been issues before with Woodbury's participation. Wasn't he suspended two years ago because he played in this same Pro Am event?

Now, the NCAA does not want any competition. That much seems apparent. Insurance is important, and it is the sponsor's fault that he didn't get this issue taken care of. However, I am unconvinced that the NCAA couldn't have worked with the Pro Am sponsor in this instance.

At any rate, although Woodbury could conceivably have kept his skills up by playing, he could also could have gotten injured. Or there could be some other arcane rule that the sponsor missed, and Woodbury could end up suspended again. With Billy Humphrey's dismissal, and the schedule getting more difficult, we need all hands on deck, ready to play at the first tip-off. I just am not sorry that Woodbury will have to sit this Pro Am out.

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