Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jeremy Lin

I've heard it said that Jeremy Lin is the "Taiwanese Tim Tebow." I had to chuckle. It was only later that I saw the Yahoo article below.

I was impressed to read Lin's New Year's resolution-- to love God more on December 31, 2012 than he did on January 1. Did I even make a resolution this year?

Jeremy Lin

At any rate, I'm proud of Lin. Guy is a baller. Plays hard, plays smart, and is taking the league by storm. He is the first American-born player of Chinese descent, a humble guy and someone who is not overly taken with his own success. It's a great story for the NBA that needed something magical to happen in this lockout-shortened season.

The article below chronicles how Lin was overlooked in college recruiting. He's been a big-time underdog, not super-athletic, but just a solid player who can put up points and set up his teammates. Great.


We'll see if he can avoid injury and continue to lead New York as he adjusts to working with Stoudemire and Anthony.

I'm pulling for him.

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