Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dawgs Win! (Prediction)

Odds are against us, I know.

And Calipari has them playing "kill ball." I think that's what we used to call it when basketball was played like football and no fouls could be called.

The article is correct that Kentucky is playing better. And they will be at home. Likely to get all the calls.

I'm still saying that Kentucky is a much weaker team than last year. Then, they had Demarcus Cousins and Patrick Patterson and John Wall. They could bring in length off the bench with Perry Stevenson.

Lamb and Knight are terrific guards. They'll score a lot of points before their careers are over. Still neither one projects to be the first draft pick taken.

Meanwhile, Georgia is a much-improved team. At least it is when Gerald Robinson plays well. I don't think we'll be bullied by these guys.

Let's play the 3-2 zone and see if these guys can shoot it from the outside. Meanwhile, if one of our guards gets hot, we can run out to a quick start and keep the crowd out of the game.

Time for us to win a close one. Dawgs over Cats (as it should be), due to our fast start and their missed shots and free throws down the stretch, 86 to 82.

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