Sunday, November 28, 2010

Game for the Ages

Now that(!) was a football game. Back and forth, edge of your seat action. Bone-headed plays by both teams. Putting the ball on the carpet. Three times each! Not sure I could have taken any more.

I know Blair feels bad, but such is the game of football.

Georgia needed some help, too. We sure didn't stop them. They chewed up yardage. If Nesbitt would have been healthy, this thing would have been much closer due to his running ability on the edge.

Hats off to Aaron Murray. That guy is one cool customer. Fifteen of nineteen passing in the biggest game of the year. If we get a first class running back, UGA will be back in the thick of the SEC race next year.

Key play? There were so many. If I had to name one, I would say missed extra point. Close runner-up was the kickoff return fumble that bounced right to Marlon Brown.

Key adjustment? We started timing the snap count based on when the option back was put in motion. We then attacked the offense instead of waiting for them to hike it and hit us.

Great game.

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