Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Stink.

Tech played a terrible game against Duke tonight, and I can't enjoy it.

Why, because they got Favors, and we stink.

Georgia played Vandy, and we scored a total of 40 points. More than 20 turnovers. Shot 33% from the field, 23% from behind the arc, and 0% from the line. Only two free throws the entire game, and we miss them.

That's a terrible game, folks.

We have lost 4 games in a row and we have to play Kentucky next. We're 0 and 2 in the SEC. Have what can only be called a disappointing signing class coming in. Things are going down in a bad way.

Still time to right the ship and attain to some of this season's goals, but after our performance tonight, how realistic is it that UGA's basketball team will improve?


Sports Dawg said...

I don't think it's realistic at all to think that the Dawg BB program will improve, unless you have the view that when you're at the bottom you can only look up. But not to worry, baseball is loomimg large!

bigtuck said...

I don't know, daugman. Sometimes we play so reserved, as evidenced by the zero foul shots last night, but then sometimes guys are appear to be giving total effort, and next thing you know we look completely out of control.

I just hope we can put together a complete game against someone, and get this team some confidence, show them that they are a team and can win as a team.

And by complete: shooting, free throws, defense, rebounding, inbounding, coaching, etc etc.

If we can do that with ANY consistency, we can still win 4 to 6 games in conference. I'm just not sure we have the team or leadership (on the court or from the bench) to do that.

I think we all recognized that Dave and Yata were positive influences last year, but their real value isn't being completely realized until now. Could really use a guy like that now. Certainly not a knock on guys like Corey and Wood, but just don't think they have that type of personality.

That being said, I'll still be in my seats, even if we're going into Senior Day at 9-and-whatever.

Go Dawgs!