Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Julian Royal Recruitment

Good article from the AJC. Hate to say it, but from the sound of things, Georgia Tech seems to have an edge. Paul Hewitt is at least the sentimental favorite.

I did like it that when speaking of UGA, Julian Royal's dad said that "we've been fortunate to be there for a few games last year." The Royal family vehicle knows how to get to Athens. Although Tech is no doubt closer for the family, distance won't be an issue.

Fox will have to do a great job to reel Royal in, convince him that UGA is the best place to spend the next four years. I definitely think that the two programs are heading in opposite directions. Georgia should have a very good year, and Tech will likely underperform.

Where do you think Royal ends up?

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mr. sanchez said...

Georgia, if only because I think Hewitt is done after this year when they struggle horribly due to a lack of anything inside.