Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tech is in Trouble

No NCAA issues. Nothing like that. I just don't see where the points will come from on their roster.

Add the numbers up. If the Rivals information is correct, you get a returning squad that scores around 35 points per game. Based on highest scorers from last year, Paul Hewitt's 2010 starting line-up will feature Mfon Udofia at point, Iman Shumpert at the shooting guard, and Brian Oliver on the wing. I guess this group could all of the sudden catch fire from the outside, but it's not likely. None of those guys shot over 39 percent from the floor last year, and that was with teams sagging off to cover Tech's bigs.

Most years it's just not an issue. The NBA draft passes and Tech still looks pretty good on paper. Not so for 2010. Favors and Lawal are gone. Zach Peacock graduated and so did Brad Sheehan. They can't figure to just pound the ball into the post.

Hewitt normally compensates through recruiting. If he loses a player or two through one and done's, he has been able to reasonably restock his roster with other high-level recruits. However, this year Tech brought in just one basketball recruit, a guard, and zero signees from the Rivals top 75 basketball players.

So who will make up Tech's front line? Most likely Daniel Miller (a former Felton signee who went to Tech after Mark Fox was hired) and Kammeon Holsey (a red-shirt who is coming off of a torn acl). No offense to these guys, but neither one strikes any fear into my heart.

Hewitt can conceivably go to a small line-up, but if he goes over .500 this year with what he has to work with, he will have done his finest coaching work in years.

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Mr. Sanchez said...

I'd put Rice, Jr in the lineup instead of Oliver, but your overall point would still remain. They are lacking A LOT next year, both inside and outside. If Shumpert gets back to the Burger All-American status he once had, it could be better, but I still don't see how they deal with the complete lack of anything inside.