Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gaines to Play in Summer League

Sundiata Gaines is back in the southeast this week. After graduating from Georgia, Gaines went to Italy to play in the European Leagues. Thereafter, he went home to New York to play in a pro am there.

The next step was Idaho, where Yada played for the Idaho Stampede. He was called up to the Utah Jazz and did well in limited minutes until the end of the NBA season.

He will play this week in the NBA summer league down in Orlando. The Utah Jazz summer league team will play 5 games in 5 days, beginning on the 5th of July.

Should give the brass with the Jazz (pun intended) the time to give a good look at Sundiata in preparation for next season.


Anonymous said...

Hey Daugman, did you see that we've signed up Xavier for a home and home starting at the Steg this year?

DaugMan said...

I'm excited. Wasn't it Xavier that knocked us out of the NCAA's a couple of years ago? I still remember that referee. Just awful.

Anyway, with the improvement in the team, we can afford to upgrade the schedule.

Looking forward to some good hoops this year.