Thursday, April 22, 2010

Polee Prediction

For weeks I have been leaning strongly toward the conclusion that UGA would get Dwayne Polee. UGA with its triangle offense seemed to be the best fit, and the other coaches did not have the kind of character that I felt Polee and his family were after.

However, the timing of the decision just doesn't feel right. I'd be delighted if Polee proved me wrong and he opted for Georgia, but my best guess is St. Johns.


Anonymous said...

Sounded like he was very enamored with St. John's after the trip, and we all know that Lavin is a scummy as they come.

Any idea why we quit recruiting Langford? Seems that grades may be a huge issue for him, as everyone stopped recruiting him and he settled for Auburn.

I have said from the time that Thornton was released from Clemson that he would be a much bigger get than Polee. While I would love to get Polee, Thornton is much more important for the future of the program.

Ball-U-Dawg Triangle said...

St. Johns board seems to have a rumor that he' going with them.

Kevin said...

He delayed his decision and is going to take a visit to Oregon. Sounds like it's still pretty wide open.

Mr. Sanchez said...

And considering we've likely given him our best shot Kevin, I'd say that means we are on the outside looking in. Maybe time and perspective after Oregon will help, but the only way I see us having a chance right now is if we are the school of choice for mama and daddy, cause it's clear the kid is looking for something other than what we've offered.

And I agree on Thornton being the biggest recruit out there for 2010. 2011 and 2012 kids should be the foremost priority, but I'd agree on Thornton as a bigger get than Polee. Local ties would help, plus he's a big giving us a built in replacement for Thompkins reducing the need to have a 2011 kid capable of contributing at a high level immediately, and allowing us to possibly redshirt Donte Williams.